Ally + Marcela's Stunning Belongil Beach Wedding

January 14, 2020

Photos by Julie Crespel

Ally, from Australia and Cela, from Brazil, both live in Melbourne. They wanted a Byron Bay beach wedding with a laid back non-boring feel, with an epic party afterwards. They chose the Belongil Cafe for their reception, and Belongil beach for their ceremony. Bliss and Willow styled it all to perfection and Estelle from The French Petal added those floral touches, and the bridesmaid bouquets were by Caroline from Pikt Flower farm. All the girls hair and makeup was by Byron Beauty Bar.

It was a cold wintery night when Ally and Marcela found themselves, at Mama’s house in Slovenia, Mama’s homemade plum liquor was flowing freely. Many of the guests were actually there that night and no one would’ve ever suspected 15 years later they’d be witnessing a marriage and be a part of such fabulous love celebration and wedstival right here in the middle of a Byron Bay Summer.

This wasn’t the first time these two actually met but it was the first time they properly noticed one another, Ally first noticed Cela’s name, as Ally has always agreed with Tolkien that cellar door is the most inherently beautiful and musical phrase in the English language.

Ally was struck by this achingly stunning woman who was beautiful on the eyes and who had a name so beautiful on the ears. Cela was everything Ally wasn’t, quiet, slow to speak, mysterious and insanely intelligent, so Ally was intrigued from the moment she met Cela.

And Cela, remembers noticing Ally as someone who was fun to be around, she had a positive energy. Cela was drawn in by this gorgeous Aussie’s sense of humour, and she instantly found Ally to brighten up her night, and later her days!

Cela tried hard to convince Ally in those early days she could drink her under the table, but as all the Aussie’s in the crowd will know, any true blue Aussie worth their weight never lets an international beat them at an old fashioned drinking game, particularly when we’re overseas – so since that challenge, let’s just Ally has never heard Cela repeat that claim since.

But it wasn’t until they were on the Bled Lake tennis court when healthy competition, passion and sparks really started to fly! And it was on an island in Bled Lake where Ally rang the famous bell and made a wish that 2005 would be the year, she would meet her soulmate and one true love.

Cela on the other hand had no intention of meeting anyone in her gap year away from all things serious. As a happy loner, Marcela had never dreamed sharing her life within a committed relationship could bring her so much happiness and fulfilment.

But then, eight months later, after a fun and fiery friendship, Ally’s wish came true as Marcela realised that this was a relationship that was not going to slow her fun seeking lifestyle down.

Since that time a flashing 15 years ago, Ally and Marcela have been falling deeper in love with one another and creating many wonderful adventures. For these two stunning love birds love is like always being on holidays. Whether they’re going to the market to buy food, working out at 6 am together or making each other’s porridge in the morning, they are always laughing and having fun together.

Love is finding your partner to be more beautiful and desirable on the inside and out than the day you first truly noticed one another. Love is the peace and stillness they feel in each other’s arms. And surely, love has got to be, being the last two on the dance floor at 3 am at every party.

And, if the love is this good, then marriage is a promise to spend the next 50 years loving the way they have done for the last 15 years, just more deeply, more passionately and even more kindly.. It means making this promise before this beautiful loving group of their most loved family and friends that are here with them today and inviting them to share in their love and happiness for many years to come.

Marriage to Ally and Marcela is inspiring growth and compassion in one another in every moment but particularly when life throws those all-encompassing challenges.

These two were introduced to me by my gorgeous friend Jules, she’s an epic photographer. We met when she asked me into her Mother’s Mercedes at the bus stop in North Curl. You see I used to commute on the bus and the T3 lane accepted cars of three people, and was a hell of a lot quicker than the bus!.

Jules and her car pal Frankie were one short, so they pulled up at my bus stop spoke directly at me, and I couldn’t resist a chauffeur driven ride into the City – that was about ten years ago and we’ve been mates ever since.

Jules is a good friend of Ally’s and Cela’s so it was obvious she’d be their photographer.

They were married on Belongil Beach, which is a dog friendly beach in the Byron Shire. It was such a lovely day, not too windy. Summer’s in Byron Bay are notorious for strong Northerly’s but these two stunners lucked out. After we laughed and cried by the seaside, we took photos and then I shifted into the the wedding coordinator. I do that too, if my couple’s request it.

The wedding party moved across the road to the Belongil Cafe, where cocktails and laughter flowed freely, the meal was perfect, the speeches were hilarious, and everyone, even the Nana’s danced the muggy night away.

Ally & Cela - 14th December 2019 - Belongil Beach

“Victoria managed the incredible feat of both wedding planning for us and performing the role of the marriage celebrant on the day. If I were to repeat the day 100 times, I choose Victoria every time – everything was magic, and largely thanks to her passion, energy and investment in making our day just perfect”.

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