Congratulations you're getting married!

It’s time to get into the nitty gritty of exactly what it takes to become legally married in this fabulous country we call Australia.

Many couples know exactly the type of ceremony they want; some have ideas but not sure how it all fits together; and others just have absolutely no idea what they want. Whatever your situation, it’s my job to build the very best ceremony just for you and to help you kickstart your loveforlife in the best, most stress-free way – ensuring there is loads of fun along the way!

First off, you’ll get in touch via my Contact Page, I’ll let you know immediately if I’m available for your big day and, if so, we’ll organise a time to meet-up. We can meet either in person or, if you’re from out of town, over Skype. I’m available at all sorts of hours and can fit around your schedule, with no problem.

♥ The Marrying Journey ♥

One of you proposed...

and the other said "Yes"! Congratulations you're getting married.

Straight away people start asking...

set a date? where's your venue?, and in my case, who will be YOUR celebrant! Take your time, there's no rush

You set a date, woohoo!

The wedding planning has just begun, it's an exciting time, if it feels stressful, you're not speaking to the right people.

Book your venue first...

think about how many guests. And remember, if you don't want to invite that sleazy drunk uncle or the cousins you haven't seen since you watched Care Bears together, then don't!

It's time to book you Celebrant...

Think about the type of vibe you want to create; relaxed and fun, traditional and stoic, the party starter, maybe you have no idea, and that's fine too.

Schedule a time to chat...

to a Celebrant, even if it's over the phone, you'll get a good idea on whether you're going to create the right vibe together in your ceremony.

Secure your date...

by paying your celebrant a 25% booking fee. Don't solely pick a Celebrant based on price, Celebrants can be anything from $500 - $2000, choose the celebrant who feels like a friend.

There will be some time...

before you hear from your Celebrant again, so start booking all your other vendors.

About 3 months out...

you’ll hear from your Celebrant to complete the “Notice of Intended Marriage”. Get your IDs and evidence of the dissolution of any previous marriage ready.

It's time to start writing...

your perfect wedding ceremony, and you'll both begin working on your vows - ask your Celebrant to help with this, this is my favourite part.

About a month out...

you'll pay your Celebrant (and most of your vendors) the remaining fee.

In the days leading up to...

your wedding day, you'll meet with your Celebrant to finalise any details, and sign the “Declaration of No Impediment to Marry”. 

Your day arrives...

and you get married...

and you live happily ever after!

Your Celebrant has the power to order your official marriage certificate, and it usually turns up around 2 weeks following your ceremony. The fee is paid directly to BDM, depending on the state in which you're married.

If you're stoked with any of your vendors...

which you should be, then be sure to leave them a 5 star Google or Facebook review – you get good karma for this.

The Bottom Line

We’re in this together! I’m available for you throughout the entire journey and here to answer questions and provide any support along the way.

Let’s have fun together!

Love, Victoria x

Looking for inspiration for your upcoming wedding?

Fees Terms & Conditions

Booking fees are 25% of overall fee, and non-refundable.


If I cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, or if I become sick or cannot fulfil my duty as a celebrant, we negotiate a refund amount depending on services already rendered, I help you find another celebrant and transfer all documents and ceremony details over to them.


If you decide to postpone to another date, then an additional 25% booking fee may apply, this can be negotiated depending on date and circumstance. In regards to Covid restrictions, there is one change included, but only if you postpone to a date where I’m available.


If you postpone to a new date please check-in with me before securing the new date, to ensure availability, if I’m unavailable I’m under no obligation to refund any of your fee.


If you have paid your fee in total, and you decide to cancel for whatever reason within 90 days prior to your date, then I am under no obligation to refund any part of the fee. Cancel before 90 days and I’m covered by the Cascading Cancellation Clause.

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