Damion + Michael's DIY Wedding - Byron Bay Hinterland

March 4, 2019

Fun DIY Byron Bay Hinterland Wedding

Damion and Michael contacted me in October 2018 asking if I’d be interested in officiating their marriage at their farm in the Byron Bay Hinterland in Dorroughby with a handful of their closest family and friends as witness. When they told me they wanted to celebrate their love with a fun party, so needed a local Byron Bay Celebrant who loved a party and easy to work with – I jumped at the chance.

After a quick Google search of ‘where is Dorroughby’, I pretended to check my calendar and responded with the usual pricing-how-to-marry-in-Australia response. We then organised an initial meeting, where we agreed for a wedding service that was short and sweet but fun, and from there we designed their most perfect ceremony over email.

They met on New Year’s Eve at the Tropical Fruits Festival in Lismore just over 3 years ago. When I shared this sweet little fact during their ceremony, one of their friend’s sang out ‘Oh what a night’! Yep, it was that kind of wedding, lots of loving heckles from the crowd, cheering and wooing, everyone was involved (Damion’s Mum being the biggest and funniest heckler) which I absolutely love!

As fate would have it, they were both living just around the corner from one another in Sydney at the time but their paths never crossed. They both had a very strong Northern Rivers connection though – Damion had been visiting the area and Tropical Fruits for years, and Michael had bought the farm almost 20 years ago (and he tells me this would’ve been maybe the 100th party he’d held on this property) – so it was the perfect venue to celebrate their marriage.

When I met these two wonderful humans back in November, it was made apparent very quickly just how special their big day would be, not only because of the obvious – that we were able to attend a fabulous wedding party in a stunningly beautiful setting with two very awesome men – but Damion shared that all through his life, he honestly never believed he’d ever able to marry!

That actually created a little pang in my heart, mainly because there would have been so many men and women, who would’ve grown up watching friends and family fall in love and plan their weddings, thinking they’d never be able to have that opportunity.

So it was with great rainbow pride that I was able to announce them as husband and husband just a little over a year after that law was passed.

Their ceremony was charged with party vibes from the moment the first guest arrived, many of them flying in from all over the planet. Cyclone Oma subsided just before we began the nuptials, and one of their best friends read the most meaningful poem, Come With Me written by Fran Landesman. Their glasses remained filled with bubbly by Secret Chef Catering and everyone was in charge of taking photos. It was perfect!

Oh, and they styled me in the Chocolate Orange with the Leopard Print boots.

Damion and Michael - 23rd February 2019 - Dorroughby DIY Wedding

Congratulations you two legends may your future be filled with many an adventure and ‘oh what a night’ moments! xx

They left me these beautiful affirming words on my Google page: ‘Victoria is an amazing Celebrant! She is intuitive, sensitive, fun and gorgeous. Our special day was just perfect. Victoria’s guiding hand helped us every step of the way.’

Thanks, guys, you made the process pretty easy. xx

It is with great rainbow pride that I now present as husband and husband - Damion and Michael!

Damion + Michael's DIY Wedding - Byron Bay Hinterland

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