Dominique + Scott's Byron Bay Elopement - Wategos Beach

February 4, 2019

Barefoot beach elopement in Byron Bay

Dominique called me late one Friday afternoon in January, she was exuding excitement as she and her fiancé Scott, wanted to elope in Byron Bay in just 2 weeks time. Scott’s Mum was visiting from Europe and they wanted her to be witness to their marriage. There are rules to marriage one of them is the need to give the Notice of Intent to Marry document to a celebrant one month prior to the wedding date. 

Dominique’s excitement disappeared immediately as the reality of their decision began to sink in. As we spoke more I discovered the most important components for them was to share their vows with Scott’s Mum as witness before she travelled home, to have their wedding photos on the beach in Byron Bay, and for the styling to be classic Byron Bay boho theme. She told me even though they were eloping she still wanted to arrive at the ceremony and for her breath to be taken away, not only by her groom but also by the setting.

With all this in mind, I suggested an idea, one that would include all of those things on the date they wished for, and they could legalise their marriage closer to home a month later. Her excitement resumed and we dived into planning a commitment ceremony on Wategos Beach for 2 weeks time. I suggested an elopement package type of option for her complete with ceremony styling and a photographer and she happily agreed. 

Stunning bride Dominique arriving to her Byron Bay ceremony
Toasting their love celebration on Wategos Beach

Dominique and Scott are one of those couples where their love for one another was in plain sight of everyone and their connection was so strong, the words for their ceremony came together with ease, their ceremony was filled with words they both shared with me about how they deeply felt for one another, as that’s the way they wanted it. Even though they’d shared many fun times together they wanted their ceremony to be simple and heartfelt.

Scott told me, he knew the first moment he laid eyes on Dominique that he wanted to be with her forever. She made him a better person, and the love and happiness he felt when he was with her were like no other.  He promised to love Dominique from the bottom of his heart forever because she was his everything. 

And Dominique shared with me that Scott had truly changed the person she was at her soul. He taught her to be courageous and live without fear. He inspired her every day and his wild heart and love for life was something she never thought existed. She promised to love Scott forever because her heart couldn’t live without him, he was her heart.

The interesting thing I found when I read their words was how similar they were, and that really is all anyone can ever hope for in love, that we find someone who makes us a better person, and who teaches us the things we cannot learn on our own, and who holds our heart forever and ever!

Scott’s Mum Rosemary stood so proud as she watched her only son Scott pledge his love and union to his bride. After a brief toast on the beach, April whisked them both away for sunset shots and then they relished in a beautiful dinner at Raes on Wategos.

A month later they flew back up from Melbourne where I legalised their union over espresso martinis on their balcony at Victoria’s – they told me they couldn’t possibly choose another celebrant to officiate their union.

Dominique and Scott Byron Bay elopement

Dominique kindly wrote a stunning review, here’s an excerpt from it:

‘The best part of Victoria is her incredible heart and clearly this is why she is so great at her job, it clearly is her passion and she is one in a million. We had such an amazing day with her. If you want to have a wedding filled with love, passion and soooooooo much fun, this is the woman for you. Thank you Victoria, we will never be able to thank you enough! Dominique xoxo’.

Styling by Boho Bay Designs

Dominique + Scott's Byron Bay Elopement - Wategos Beach

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