Elle + Marshal Marry at Stunning Byron View Farm

May 14, 2023

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Two years ago today, after numerous postponements due to that giant global germ, Elle and Marshal were married on a beautiful afternoon up at Byron View Farm in the Byron hinterland. This venue is stunning, it includes views over the beach and the hinterland and has a gorgeous farmhouse onsite that can be used at accommodation for the bride and groom, or their guests.

Their wedding consisted of around 50 people and their fur baby Hank, and they chose the view overlooking the Byron Bay farmlands as their ceremony backdrop. It was stunning as the sun set lower in the sky, we had tears of joy and happiness. 

Marshal is also a really great photographer in the region, you can find him here or on the Byron Bay Weddings directory.

Their Love Story:

It was a dark bleak winter’s day in Melbourne back in 2013It was Marshal’s first day at the Warringal private hospital where he was starting as the newest orderly on the block.

It was a really busy day and in her busi-ness Elle was a little flustered when she was first introduced to Marshal. Although she did stop in her tracks for the slightest moment as she noticed the way this new guy had specifically styled scrubs and the way they were rolled around his guns.

Now Marshal didn’t really notice if Elle was busy or not, but he did notice her lustrous long hair, and her pretty blue eyes.

Weeks and months went by as Marshal became a much-loved member of the team. He’d often be found playing on those chairs with wheels, wheeling his way up and down the hospital corridors in the middle the night.

Elle would often think to herself ‘how does this guy look so damn good in scrubs when everyone else just looks like a pumpkin?’.

One day, Marshal and Elle found themselves chatting about their mutual passion, photography. 

Marshal bragged that he worked with some of the top photographers and at some of the best fashion shows in Melbourne. Elle was impressed, this guy had connections could he get her backstage at these fabulous runway events? 

The whole time they were talking Marshal kept saying to himself ‘ask her out, just ask her out, for the love of God ask her out!’. 

Instead, he politely said ‘see ya’, and left.

Just 10 seconds later, he miraculously found that courage and he was back asking for Elle’s phone number, maybe he could help her with her own photography, help her build a website.

But it wasn’t until the work Christmas party, and Elle saw Marshal arrive, in his party clothes, she thought ‘Woah! This guy is hot!’ She’d never seen him out of his scrubs before. 

That night Marshal really shined bright, impressing and becoming friends with some of the stuffier doctors in the hospital.

He sang Highway to Hell, he crowd-surfed and he spun that mic and threw it out in real rock n roll style. 

Elle was smitten this guy literally rocked! They later found themselves on a park bench outside some Irish Pub in the CBD and shared their first kiss.

A little while later Elle worked out that Marshal was in fact a much younger man at just 22! Now for a girl approaching 30 that was quite the gap. 

But luckily for Marshal, Elle had many wise women surrounding her advising her that age was just a number, and if this guy truly treated her right then it didn’t really matter. 

Funnily enough Marshal never did end up helping Elle getting her photography online, but they found something else in one another.

And so, began the epic love story of Marshal and Elle, and the moment Marshal became Junior to most of Elle’s family.

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