Glen + Christina’s Intimate Elopement – Belongil Beach

June 4, 2019

Glen and Christina watch a wonderful Belongil Beach sunset as husband and wife

Christina was living in Arizona when she first noticed Glen on Instagram, this bronzed Aussie God looked like someone she’d like to know so she sent him an Insta-message. Glen was pretty stoked to hear from Christina and so they started talking and sharing images of their matching lifestyles.

Glen learned from Christina that her family was very important to her so when Christina invited Glen along to one of her family’s annual holidays in Kauai, Glen didn’t hesitate. Although it didn’t really take that much convincing as he was a keen surfer and huge lover of the Hawaiian islands.

Their love developed real quick, and they truly fell in deep love on that island. They both share the same passions in life and found out very early on they cannot live without the other.

I was working from my home office in Ballina when I received a call from them both. It was the end of March and they wanted to get married as soon as they could. I talked them through the one-month minimum rule. An Australian Marriage Celebrant must receive the Notice of Intended Marriage no later than one month prior to their wedding date – if the celebrant receives the signed copy on the 28th March, they can’t get married a day earlier than the 28th April. They hung up, and I saved Glen’s number to my contacts, I felt I’d hear from them again. By the end of the day they’d called me back (I answered with my generic, Hello Victoria speaking, pretending I didn’t know who it was – I had to sound super busy, right?). They booked me in for the 29th April and we set up our initial meeting for the following day at The Farm in Byron Bay. 

When we found one another at The Farm, I witnessed their ID’s, they filled in the NOIM, and they shared their love story with me. It didn’t take me long to realise they had a very special and groovy kind of love, one of those types of love some only witness in the movies. Glen told me they wanted to get married with just the two of them and elope to the beach in Byron Bay but he was worried about how both their families would react. I responded carefully and told them how nice it was to think about other people particularly family but if they wanted to elope with nobody else then that’s how they should do it. I reminded them that their love had nothing to do with anybody else and to do it the way they wanted to. Plus, I would give them a copy of the ceremony so when they were with family they could reenact the whole thing if they wanted to and get a friend to play celebrant – they loved this idea and so the date was set, to elope on Belongil Beach in Byron Bay.

My good friend Renata from Boho Bay Designs and Styling Co. and I had just started putting elopement packages together and so I offered them the Elope in Paradise package, and they quickly agreed.

A month later we all met on the beach, I made them husband and wife just before sunset. They shared their vows in front of crystal blue water, Julian Rocks and one of the nicest sunsets I’ve seen – the surf was pretty good too.

Thanks, you two for being two of the nicest humans I’ve married. May your home bring joy and comfort for all your family and friends, whether here in Australia, Arizona or Hawaii, and may you build a family of water babies, who will share your passions and love for life.

Glen + Christina's Intimate Elopement - Belongil Beach

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