Holly + Beau wed in the Byron Bay Hinterland

October 5, 2020

Photos by Byron Bay photographer April Werz

Holly and Beau married at a gorgeous private venue right here in Byron Bay. When they first contacted me they told me they wanted a Byron Bay Marriage Celebrant who was fun, quirky and didn’t reference the bible! They wanted a wedding celebrant who would capture their love story and make their ceremony all about them.

Once we got to know one another and they told me all about their love story, I just knew their wedding ceremony was going to be one for the Love for Life Celebrant history books! They’d already made the decision to spend their future together some years ago, so their wedding day was a chance to acknowledge their relationship and celebrate their love with the ones they love most dearly.

One of my absolute favourite parts of being a marriage celebrant is writing the couple’s love story and making that the foundation of their ceremony.

They’re both childhood sweethearts, so it was pretty easy to find that cute little love nugget they would both love and all of their guests would totally swoon over.

And it went a little like this…

It was 17 years ago when the bell rang for the end of lunch, Beau made his way to woodwork class. After everyone was settled the teacher started the demo of the lesson. Beau eagerly watched – he was definitely getting top marks for this one.

Suddenly, Holly burst through the door arriving late to class, again.

No boring weddings on my watch!

Beau was instantly struck with a bright shining light, and rays of sunshine pierced the space where Holly stood, a drop-dead hottie, in her cute ponytail, and wearing a jumper only the year 12 girls wore! And he thought, arrrrrrrr, late, out of uniform, we have a little rebel on our hands.

2 years later!

Holly was quietly enjoying her recess when Jayde came running towards her, she told Holly about this guy she’d just started dating, and he had a friend, his name was Beau, he was super-hot and Jayde had it on really good authority that Beau was a good kisser!

From there on in where ever Holly and Jayde went the guys were there too.

Holly had always seen this guy, Beau as the cool guy, he had confidence she like, and their banter was cheeky and fun. After a while, they looked around and realised, they were hanging out more just the two of them.

Then one day, Beau finally woke up to himself, jumped on his pushy rode from Richmond Hill to Lismore, all the while building up the courage to ask Holly out on a date! When he arrived he was sweating and flustered but that didn’t matter because in Holly’s eyes Beau was a guy who perfectly balanced his cheeky humour and confidence with loyalty, generosity and kindness. Beau did ask Holly out that day, and she did say yes!

And so, began their epic love story.

They also wrote the most beautiful vows for one another, so personal and thoughtful – the promises they would make to one another for the rest of their days!

I bloody pinch myself everyday that I get to marry people, and create their happily ever after!

Stunning arbour by The Electric Rose

Holly and Beau - married in the Byron Bay Hinterland

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