Katie + Nick's Elegant Byron Bay Wedding - Victoria's, Ewingsdale

January 4, 2021

The best dip-kiss of 2019. All photos by Ivy Road Photography.

Nick and Katie became Mr and Mrs Crosland back in September 2019, and they chose the stunning grounds of Victoria’s at Ewingsdale in Byron Bay as their luxurious and exclusive wedding venue.

They didn’t want a Byron Bay celebrant who was going to be all serious and create a long and boring ceremony. They wanted someone who would sit with them, learn about their love, and create a ceremony that truly depicted who they were.

I learned very quickly this wedding was going to be one of the most elegant ceremonies of 2019, complete with champagne towers, a string quartet, and matching Tiffany rings, and since then their photos have been reposted many many times, by wedding planners, wedding directories, florists, cake makers, musicians and celebrants – making it THE most shared Byron Bay wedding of 2019 on social media.

I was the lucky Byron Bay celebrant they chose to help them make their love legit, and their ceremony went a little like this…

You could say fate drew an alignment in the stars when Nick and Katie were born, in the same hospital in Gosford, just two years apart from one another. These two didn’t meet then, but when fate did finally bring them both together over 15 years later, it was confusing to find that they both just, well, despised one another!

They did form an alliance of some sort but one of rival frenemies, not star-crossed lovers. There was many an eye roll or a confused, dumbfounded look whenever the other spoke. They literally tormented, sidestepped and barely tolerated the other for 5 years, for the sake of their mutual friends.

But then one fateful night 7 years ago, a few cocktails and a load of passion, fate finally had its way, and so began their epic love story. Since that night, they’ve really lived and loved life together. From building houses and businesses to partying in Mexico and Vegas – their life together has been full of adventure.

Whether it be skiing in New Zealand, surfing in Fiji, Hawaii, and Bali, drinking their way through France, sailing the waters of Croatia, walking hand in hand through Central Park in New York, or partying like teenagers at Coachella, they wouldn’t have changed a thing or have done it with anyone else.

But despite all the adventure, all the thrill, the thing they love to do most is, at the end of a busy week, no matter how hard it’s been, is to spend their Friday nights together by the fire or setting sun, talking, drinking, laughing, and crying, just the two of them sharing every story, every mishap, of the week gone by.

Nick tells he just loves Katie’s intoxicating smile, her loving nature, and great legs, that seem to go forever in heels and a mini skirt.

He tells me it would take most couples a lifetime to go through and accomplish what they have in 7 years. Each challenge, good or bad, has increased their love and respect for each other. With no signs of slowing down, this ever-increasing bond they both share will continue to grow.

And Katie tells me she just loves Nick’s kind heart, his eyes that change from green to hazel and she’s a little jealous of his super long eyelashes. She tells me that Nick keeps her and their relationship grounded, he makes her so completely happy and she just loves doing life with him.

Once they exchanged their vows, and both agreed to their marriage by saying I do, they were whisked away to pour Moet forming a stunning champagne tower that was enjoyed in vintage champagne coupes. They didn’t want their guests sitting around waiting for them so we signed the marriage register after everyone had a glass in their hand and the party was well and truly underway.

Since then they’ve welcomed a new baby girl into their clan, Harper Rose and they’re the most stunning little family the East of Australia has ever seen.

They were even featured on the Byron Bay Weddings blog, here’s a little excerpt from it…

“Were there any vendors that you particularly loved working with and why?
All of our vendors were exceptional! Our celebrant Victoria from Love for Life Celebrant was amazing; she made our ceremony funny and sweet and made our guests feel included. Shelley from Ivy Road Photography and Jake from Milky Media worked so well together and made us feel so comfortable behind the camera. Our photos and video were everything and more. Lily Budiasa also made the event awesome with her music!”

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Katie and Nick - 14th September 2019 - Victoria's Ewingsdale

“Victoria is amazing!! Our ceremony was so perfect – It was both funny and lovely making it the best day ever!!

Thanks for everything Victoria :).”

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