Liale + Kirralee's DIY Country Wedding - Casino

July 8, 2019

Liale and Kirralee’s stunning country wedding was held on a private property out towards Casino under an ancient fig tree. The most meaningful factor for these two lovers choosing to take the step into marriage together was so their beautiful big blended family had a safe and secure family unit they could all count on. Their ceremony was conducted in front of a rusty old tractor, with gorgeous native florals. Their five children were all part of the bridal party with their newest edition Adeena, arriving in a beaut vintage wicker pram!

Kirralee and Liale met by chance when Liale pulled up at the petrol station where Kirralee was working. Kirralee grabbed Liale’s attention immediately in her daisy duke shorts and cowgirl hat. All she said was ‘hello’ to him and although Liale didn’t say much back, he was very shy, Kirralee felt an instant connection.

But she didn’t make it easy for him.

It started on their first date, Kirralee needed a cab home, which, like the gentleman he is, Liale agreed to pay for, but he didn’t realise how far she actually needed to go and found himself over fifty bucks short! That didn’t stop him, he really fancied this girl, he asked a mate for the extra cash, getting himself in debt for love right upfront.

In the weeks following, Liale turned up on Kirralee’s doorstep more than once, Kirralee telling him to ‘go and find some other lass to cuddle up to’. He knew in his heart he had to get to know this woman, and so he remained persistent and continued to make himself known to Kirralee. His tenacity finally paid off and in May we celebrated their love, shared commitment for one another, and officially made them Mr and Mrs!

For this bride and groom, marriage is about their beautiful blended family coming together and being united as one, so their children can have a solid household and a loving Mum and Dad.

When asked what love meant to them they both agreed that love is building long-lasting memories for their family, and creating a safe space where their children can grow and thrive.

When it came to writing their vows, they wanted to try something fun, and asked if I could help them incorporate one of their favourite country love songs, ‘loving you is fun’ by Easton Corbin. As a marriage celebrant, this is one of my favourite parts, so I didn’t hesitate and together we wrote some epic vows that had both of them and all their guests laughing and cheering. Wedding vows don’t have to be serious, you can write them however you like and if lyrics from your fave song get your promises across then why not use them?

Their stunning wedding photography was captured by Amy from Feather and Lace photography. Kirralee and her bridesmaid’s beauty was enhanced by Kristie from Inspire, Believe, Create, their hair was done by the team at 2480 Hair on the Avenue. And the boys were all dressed by Wrangler, you can’t get more country than that!

Liale + Kirralee's DIY Country Wedding - Casino

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