Madi and Jordan’s Rustic Country Wedding

January 23, 2023

All photos by Wild Creative Media
These two postponed due to Covid so many times we lost count. So when the flood waters were rising all around the Northern Rivers, they were feeling very nervous about driving from Brisbane to Yamba, and getting all their people from all over the East Coast. 
Luckily the wedding gods were on their side, all their favourite people were able to get there; including their celebrant, photographers, musicians and caterers and we shared in one of those magical intimate beautiful moments. 

Their Love Story…

It was across the netball courts when Jordan first set eyes on Madi. Now the netball courts was not a place where Jordan often found himself, but he’d agreed to meet up with some mates who were loyally watching their respective girlfriends play.

Madi had this cute little fluff ball puppy, Cleo, and she asked the boys to keep watch of her while she payed. At some point during the game the boys decided to take Cleo for a walk. When Madi came back to retrieve her little dog she noticed Cleo had farmers friends all through her fluffy fur.

Madi was mortified, and Jordan was extremely embarrassed, so he sat with Madi and helped her clean the little pup’s fur. Cleo didn’t mind at all she was a puppy she was stoked with any sort of attention.

This is where Madi really noticed this guy Jordan, he had kind eyes, and these muscles that stood out underneath his shirt! Then he smiled at her and she just melted!

Jordan asked Madi out on a double date with their mutual friends to the beach, which she quickly agreed to. Obviously, the double date was safe for these two but it was also so he could bum a lift as he’d just lost his licence.

They walked and talked on the beach that day and they held hands for the very first time, which was actually snapped on camera by the love paparazzi.

After their first date, it didn’t take long for Jordan to show up at Madi’s dad’s house after work, smelling like hot chips with a red rose in hand, asking her to be his girlfriend. Madi was besotted. 

Jordan still didn’t have a licence so his Mum, Karen was waiting in the car for him while he poured his heart out to this gorgeous girl. When he did get his licence back they drove around town in that white Torana he and his Pop has restored with the windows down, and listened to Ministry of Sound.

Jordan tells me when he first visited Madi’s house as her boyfriend, they were laying on the trampoline, and the sun lit up her eyes beautifully, that was the moment for him when he knew he wanted to hold on tight to this beauty. 

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