Matt + Mel and their beautiful Summerland Farm wedding

September 7, 2022

A lot happened on the 7th September 2019, we were in one of the driest droughts we’d experienced, and the bushfires started across the state. My honey asked me to be his wife up on Skennar’s headland during a morning walk and I said yes as he gave me the most beautiful diamond ring set in rose gold. And I made Matt and Mel Mr and Mrs Kelly underneath the huge Figtree at Summerland Farm.

It was such a monumental day and one I will never forget. Not only because it was the day I also got engaged but because the love between Matt and Mel is one that you don’t see every day. They were both so very grateful for one another and in the short time they’d been together they’d experienced so much of life with each other. 

As always Summerland Farm put on a fabulous party and the vendors that they chose to help them celebrate their love were some of the best wedding vendors in the northern rivers region.

Their Love Story: 

Before Mat met Mel he was living the real bachelor life, eating loads of takeout KFC and pizza, living however he wanted, wearing the same gross dirty clothes to work day after day, having no particular place to be except work or hanging out with mates but he admitted to me he was really missing something.

Mel was very careful about the men she dated before she met Matt and told me she couldn’t quite meet the one who was strong or had enough manliness for her and her boys.

Mel tells me she first noticed just how loud Matt was, she knows the whole neighbourhood would’ve heard their conversation that first night they met, and just how honest he was, she could tell even in those first moments that she’d always know where she stood with him. And Matt recalls first noticing Mel’s beautiful womanly figure, and how much of an amazing mother she was, a single hardworking mum, providing the best life she could for her boys and he really looked up to that!

The day after their first date, they day they organised a day out to the beach, with both Jayden and Phoenix. And after fish and chips, Matt promised the boys ice cream. As the boys were running towards the colourful display of cold dessert, he yelled out “the first one there gets the smallest ice cream”, they both stopped dead in their tracks and Matt walked in before them. The lady behind the counter said “well I guess Dad gets the smallest ice cream then”, Mel remembers how much being called dad at such an early stage didn’t deter him.  

A few days later Matt had a couple of days off and had planned to travel up to Brisbane but instead he decided to stay behind and hang out some more with Mel and the boys. Mel cooked him THE most delicious lasagne he had ever tasted – and he realised right there and then, this was the one thing he was missing all through his life, and he pretty much didn’t leave her place after that, to the point his land lady asked him why on earth he was paying rent to her! 

Then came along Charlie, whom I’m told is the glue who has really bonded this little family together, throughout all those moments in the following months where life just didn’t make sense, or things just seemed to whirlwind around them all. It was the impending arrival of Charlie, and the strength that came from both Jayden and Phoenix that kept them all moving forward together into the one big happy family they are today.

There were ample tears of happiness and joy on their wedding day, and you can see the exact moment we realised that we didn’t have Mel’s wedding ring! Luckily, Matt’s mum loaned them her ring for the ring exchange, and we laughed and laughed about it. They had the actual wedding ring by the time the cake was cut. 

I’m posting this blog on their 3rd wedding anniversary, congratulations you two on your first 3 years of marriage, a lot has happened in that time, but I see, through my Facebook and Instagram stalking you’re both strong in your love and commitment for one another. 

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