Meg and Tee’s Stunning Summerland Farm Wedding – Alstonville

November 2020

Venue, Catering and Styling: Summerland Farm

Photographer: Ben Wyeth

Florist: Alstonville Florist

Hair and Makeup: Honeys The Blonde

There’s one thing I’ve learned over the few years I’ve been a celebrant – you don’t have to have a big wedding to have a great time. Marrying Meg and Tee was a vibrant and energy filled event, despite there only being 30 guests, at this affordable Alstonville wedding on Summerland Farm.

Throughout this stunning couple’s ceremony, it was all about them! The three of us laughed out loud through the entire ceremony, to a point it felt like we were the only ones there – which is my favourite type of ceremony!

They organised a first look beforehand and when they first laid eyes on each other you could truly feel the strong emotional connection between them, a moment they could share between themselves before the celebrations began.

Meg and Tee made sure their guests didn’t have to wait through the “boring bits” and chose to sign their papers after the ceremony over beers, which I think helped continue the fun environment we had created from the start.

Meg and Tee's Love Story

One night in the not so distant past, Tee was at soccer and noticed this girl who she’d been in love with for quite some time. You see, Tee had first noticed Meg years earlier, but Meg was already someone’s else’s girl, so she had to settle on a distant but somewhat stalking friendship.

Tee couldn’t believe her eyes, this hot chick was on the field right in front of her, running around in her cute little soccer shorts, and she looked damn fine. Meg still had wicked hair, a killer smile and all those feelings from years earlier came flooding back. Tee found out as quick as she could whether this hottie was single, and she was. (woooooo!)

Meg kind of noticed Tee that night, she would’ve noticed her way more if she wasn’t wearing an ugly flat cap. 

The very next day, Tee noticed Meg across the road from the pub where she worked in Byron Bay and nearly broke her arm waving at Meg. Hoping, praying this beauty would come over to where she was.

Meg saw this pretty, hot woman frantically waving at her from across the road and went over to investigate.

Tee did a little happy dance on the inside, it had worked!

It was here where Meg really noticed Tee for the very first time, with no flat cap, who was as hot as, with a cheeky smile, and her heart did a little flutter. 

Meg found out this chick was moving to a new house, and quickly offered to help. You see, Meg decided right there and then, on the streets of Byron Bay, that Tee would be her first ever one-night stand.

Of course, Tee was stoked that Meg wanted to help her, she wanted to be near this woman as much as she could. She wasn’t looking forward to moving house, but now she was really looking forward to it.

And so, began the longest one-night stand of Meg and Tee.

Vic, you did an amazing job with our ceremony. You made it personal and very much us and how we are and how we wanted it.

It truly was the most perfect day and we are so happy we chose you to be our celebrant. x

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