Post-pandemic Party Planning

April 6, 2020

Matt and Elisa’s late December wedding, image captured by April Werz Photography

You have to agree, so far 2020 has been a real shocker, and a year none of us were ready for.

Many have lost jobs, we’re seeing businesses closing down, and decisions being made that are simply out of our control, it’s depressing and frightening, and we can’t wait until it’s over!

One thing that’s been extremely consistent, however, and something very much in our control, is the love and kindness being shared around the community! Neighbours are checking in with each other, community pages on Facebook are offering online support and free fitness classes, and restaurants and cafes are adapting and building online delivery services!

Right now, we need to concentrate on the positive and continue making plans for our Post-COVID future. Events we can look forward to when all this terrifying pandemic news is lifted, when we can look back and say ‘Whoa! that was tough but we’re ready to get married, book that trip, throw that party, or plan that baby!’ Although, with the current lockdown laws becoming stronger, many are predicting a baby boom in the next 9 – 12 months!

I know what you might be thinking, ‘how can we plan anything if we don’t have money from the jobs we’ve just lost, or I’m way too depressed right now to even fathom a future!’ And it’s definitely okay to wallow a little, but once you’ve wallowed, begin planning something you can truly look forward to. Let’s face it, you don’t want to wallow away a perfect planning opportunity and planning doesn’t cost a cent!


Matt and Mel tied the knot at Summerland House Farm. Image captured by Aurora Belle Photography

Let’s take a wedding as an example, spend the time you have to make those plans you couldn’t before because you were so busy with life:

1. Type of wedding?

Start thinking ‘what type of wedding do I want?’ An intimate romantic elopement on a Byron Bay beach? A huge party on a macadamia farm in Alstonville? A simple ceremony with dinner at a family property in Ballina? Do some research and check out some real wedding blogs like Hello May magazine or for something a little more on the dark-side of love, check out Unholy Matrimony, or many wedding suppliers showcase real weddings on their blog. Stay in touch with your faves and get inspired!

2. Save it!

If you see something you love while you’re scrolling for inspiration, save it, even if it seems completely out of budget, save it anyway! Create a Pinterest board, Instagram collection, or Facebook album – the truth is when the time comes to show the stylist, hairdresser or photographer your idea, you won’t be able to find it again.

There are so many creative ways we wedding suppliers can make your big dreams come true on a shoestring (trust me I’ve helped to make it happen) so, dream big, future tripping can be so much fun!

3. Create a vision board

Get crafty and cut out pictures from magazines, print out pictures from the internet, draw your ideal dress, suit, or arriving at your ceremony on that Harley. Have fun with it! Add your head to the ideal body you want, to enable you to fit into your dream wedding outfit. Pin the vision board on the wall and look at it daily, dreams really do come true!

4. Get in touch

Touch base with those; marriage celebrants, wedding venues, photographers, stylists, wedding planners, you’ve been dreaming about. Have a conversation with them over email or phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Get a feel for who they are and what they will offer to your love party. We all have the time right now, so let’s chat! Work out if they’ll fit into your plan, if you don’t click now, you probably won’t click throughout the process.

5. Ask the hard questions

Particularly around their Terms and Conditions like ‘what are your T&Cs if a giant global germ hits the planet and we need to go into lock-down for 3 – 6 months?’. Why did we never ask this before? It seems so obvious now. But future-proofing your budget and ensuring there are no surprises later on, will make you and your supplier’s lives way easier in the future.

6. Create a budget

Get a budget together, even if you have a couple of the same types of vendors in mind, add in each of their fees. Try not to choose a wedding vendor based on price! This is so very important. Particularly when it comes to a marriage celebrant or wedding photographer. A celebrant truly sets the tone for your entire wedding party so it’s important you have someone who rings true to you both as a couple, and a photographer sets the tone for the memories you’ll look at forever.

A perfect place to peruse celebrants is through The Celebrant Society – this site includes all the very best celebrants from all around Australia, and we’re always learning from one-another and boosting each other in the best, most fun and awesome ways!

Lennox Wedding and Events have a wide selection of photographers and other wedding vendors to match all tastes, styles and budgets.

7. Relationship goals

Have the hard conversations with your lover. Check out The 5 Love Languages, or ACT with Love, watch some lovey-dovey movies together, or study your fave celebrity couple (I’m not here to judge where your relationship goals come from). Make sure you both want the same things, in regards to your future; babies, finances, which way the toilet roll should go on the holder, or whether he or she plans to leave the family business – set your expectations now because once you’re married, it’s much harder to do so.

8. Get involved

I see so many people look at their partner when I’m asking questions like, ‘what’s the colour pallet for your wedding’, or ‘are you writing your own vows’, or ‘what time does the ceremony start’, because they seriously have no clue! And I get it, sometimes conversations go unheard but think of ways to discuss those elements so they’re not easily forgotten, and be united in your decisions.

9. Set boundaries

Have a chat with your partner about the rules for your wedding. Maybe she wants a full-blown royal style wedding, and he just wants a party with kegs on the beach, find the common ground. Maybe a beach ceremony, followed by a party at a great local venue (also works as a plan B in case of rain) with canapés, cocktails, and beer on tap could be an option. Make sure you compromise due to budget and ideals. Compromise is such an important part of a marriage, and the wedding is the perfect place to practice.

10. Have fun!

Get a quote for that fairy floss vendor, or the adult jumping castle, or the awesome band you saw at that hotel last summer, if you’re not arriving in that horse-drawn carriage you might be able to afford something way more fun, that everyone can enjoy!

One thing for certain, is everything will eventually settle, now is the perfect time to plan for the future, without actually laying down any cash, and it will give you a fresh relief from all the COVID-chat we’re currently drowning in!

We’ve been given time by law to work on things; that project, that novel, that once in a lifetime trip, that typing class, that dream business – but don’t be too hard on yourself, maybe all you need to plan is a really great post-pandemic party!

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