Tilly + Lee's Beautiful Byron Bay Wedding

December 7, 2020

Marriage Celebrant in Byron Bay
Images by Possum Creek Studios

It certainly was serendipity that brought Lee and Tilly together. It was the year 2014, Tilly had signed up for the trip of a lifetime and Lee had been gifted the same trip by his boss, who’d won it but knew he’d hate it, and so offered it to Lee.

You have to wonder if Lee hadn’t have accepted that trip from his boss, would we all be standing here today?

But luckily he did accept it and so in November, they both found themselves in Nepal and about to fly to one of the world’s most dangerous airports off to – Mt. Everest’s Base Camp.

Tilly noticed this guy Lee straight away, as they sat in Kathmandu, a bunch of nervous strangers about to travel to a place many people hadn’t made it back from, this guy Lee was super chill cracking jokes making people laugh! Tilly didn’t want to look too keen so whenever they were alone together, she’d make sure she sat just far enough away so he didn’t notice how much she liked him.

And Lee noticed this chick Tilly, who had a great figure, and was able to command the room. He could notice she had a sense of recklessness about her and he in his conservativeness thought that was pretty hot! However, whenever they found themselves alone together, Lee would wonder what wrong with this chick as she always sat just far enough away from him, to make it slightly weird!

Tilly celebrated a birthday on that trip and it was here that she let her guard down with this light-hearted guy who had great arms! Lee began hassling everyone’s dancing and that made Tilly laugh, what she began to realise was Lee was hassling the people who had the same type of dicky dancing as himself, think Seinfeld’s Elaine meets Peter Garret! But Tilly liked it, and she liked how Lee made her laugh.

When they both made it back to Aus, Tilly returned home to Bangalow and Lee – Sydney. It didn’t take long for Lee to want to see this chick again, and so he tricked his mate into taking a road trip up North. It wasn’t until they were an hour from Byron Bay when Lee confessed to his mate about the girl, he was on his way to see.

And so, began the epic love story of Tilly and Lee!

They celebrated their love at the Moller Pavilion in Bangalow, which is a great Byron Bay venue without the Byron Bay price tag, and there aren’t any noise restrictions. The ladies from Frank and Joy made the area pop with their brilliant wedding reception and ceremony styling techniques, honestly, they can make the most beige of areas really sparkle and shimmer! The catering was by Leela and her team from Your Gourmet who made sure everyone was fed and watered, and even organised a gorgeous picnic basket for the Bride and Groom to enjoy whilst they were getting their portrait shots. By the time that rolls around it’s usually late afternoon and you are starving! Estelle from The French Petal added all the delightful wedding flowers. DJ Kristin made sure everyone was kicking that dance floor all night long, and Luciana Rose accentuated Tilly’s natural beauty. All the wedding photography was captured by the uber-talented Ann-Louise from Possum Creek Studios.

Out of all the Byron Bay Celebrant’s I’m so lucky they chose me, from the very start we hit it off, they shared their fun love story with me, which made the basis for their wedding ceremony, and they both included ‘to Everest and back’ within their marriage vows. It was one of those weddings where the crowd we’re so stoked to be there they cheered the groom, best man, the bridesmaid and the bride down the aisle which always makes for a really fun wedding and a great start to a long and happy marriage.

Tilly and Lee - 7th December 2019 - Moller Pavillion

“Victoria from the start was so personable and organised! Eliminated any stress and was absolutely stunning on the day. She also made the whole experience super personalised, truly took into account our relationship and celebrated it. 10/10!”

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