Tim + Bri's Romantic Byron Bay Elopement

May 4, 2020

Dress by Grace Love Lace, Flowers by Our Little Flower Farm and Photos by Kristen Riches

Tim and Bri were all set for an epic Byron Bay festival wedding at Ewingsdale Hall in mid-April. Their garage was jam-packed full to the brim with all the hard and soft furnishings they’d been collecting and building for months – all their vendors were set and monies had been paid.

But like thousands of other couples all over the globe, their dream day was stopped due to that disgusting pandemic!

When I first met them both last year to design their ceremony and begin the legal marriage paperwork they both shared with me all their dreams for their big day. They wanted a simple ceremony and asked for the basic exchanging of vows.

When couple’s ask for this I discuss with them a more detailed ‘asking’ part of the ceremony. Which means I add in a few more sentences to their ‘I Do’ like – ‘do you promise to love Bri forever even when she gets all OCD and moves your precious items around the house, ‘putting them away’ and often forgets where she put them, for the rest of your lives together?’

As we sat sipped coffee, designed their ceremony and I learned about their love story a little more. Tim let slip that he would prefer it if it was just him and Bri and no one else when they were married.

This is something I hear quite a bit, we often get carried away with the huge celebration and forget it doesn’t matter who’s standing around us, as long as we have one another.

We all giggled when I reminded them of just how much effort had gone into producing the day already – they were having that big party!

Then just a few short months later, COVID hit the planet and as restrictions became increasingly more strict, I reached out to them and asked how they were feeling and whether they were wanting to postpone their date? They replied almost immediately saying they wanted to keep their date, and would confirm once they were able to.

As the restrictions stood firm on the bare minimum wedding – 5 people only; the couple, the celebrant, 2 witnesses – a classic elopement, Bri told me she was happy if the photographer and stylist acted as witnesses, and postpone the festival part of the wedding and move all the other vendors to a future party date.

One of Bri’s really good friend’s, Kristen, is a stunning wedding photographer and was more than willing to capture the moment. So on the 18th April 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, we all converged on the stunning property in the Northern Rivers Hinterland, Paddock Hall, and created the most beautiful, romantic and eye-popping elopement anyone could wish for. Bri’s wedding bouquet and ceremony flowers were by Our Little Flower Farm.

As Renata stylist extraordinaire from Boho Bay Designs, and I drove away from the property the sun was setting, and we watched as Bri and Tim danced together in the middle of the beautifully styled ceremony space. Complete with fairy lights and candles. We were both so stoked, and buzzing to be a part of something so beautiful and unique.

They haven’t set a date for their big festival wedding party as yet but when they do all their wedding vendors are ready to roll. They’ll be fed by Bryon Homemade Pizza, and Julia Troung Feasting table and desserts. The magical moments will be captured by wedding photographer Florin Lane. The wedding entertainment will be organised by Dan Clarke Band and Byron Audio. Byron Bay Kombis will be in charge of getting them both there on time, and all the ceremony and wedding festival styling will be designed by Boho Bay Designs.

All photos on this page captured by Kristen Riches.

Tim and Bri - Byron Bay Elopement 2020

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