Congratulations on your engagement!

It’s time to get into the nitty gritty of exactly what it takes to become legally married in this fabulous country we call Australia.

Many couples know exactly the type of ceremony they want; some have ideas but not sure how it all fits together; and others just have absolutely no idea what they want. Whatever your situation, it’s my job to build the very best ceremony just for you and to help you kickstart your loveforlife in the best, most stress-free way – ensuring there is loads of fun along the way!

Get in touch

First off, you’ll get in touch via my Contact Page, I’ll let you know immediately if I’m available for your big day and, if so, we'll organise a time to meet-up. We can meet either in person or, if you’re from out of town, over Skype. I’m available at all sorts of hours and can fit around your schedule, with no problem.

The meet-up

At this meeting, you tell me all about the first time you met, all the awkward and not-so-awkward moments of your love story, and I explain all the legal elements of the ceremony. At this point I can receive your Notice of Intended Marriage (better known as the NOIM) or you take it away to fill out later, with my help if you need any.

Legal alert! I must receive your NOIM at least 1 month prior to your date of marriage. Example: If you’re wanting to get married on April 28th then I need to receive your NOIM by March 28th.

My fee

Weddings can be expensive, and as important as the celebrant is, it’s also crucial you find the right one to fit within your budget.

That’s why like to tailor the cost of each ceremony individually for my couples, starting as low as $500 for the simple ‘legals only’ style ceremony, and up to $900 for the ‘big-bash’ style wedding at a fancy location. 

Get in touch via my Contact Page and tell me all about your ceremony; your style, vibe, date, time, venue, number of guests, an idea of budget, and I’ll come back to you with a reasonable price. 

Once you’ve both decided you want me, and we’ve all agreed to the fee, I will kindly ask you pay a booking fee*, this secures your date and time, and I respectfully request you pay the balance one month prior to your wedding date.

Please note: there may be location permits required if you’d like to get hitched at a special location, e.g. In front of a water fall, or at the Byron Bay Lighthouse, as well as travel costs if your wedding location is more than 100 kms from Ballina - but we can chat about this.

*Booking fees are 25% of overall fee, and non-refundable.

Ceremony design

I then start designing your one-off loveforlife ceremony. We’ll bounce around some ideas and ask each other questions along the way. This is a fluid process; it’s all about the both of you. If you suddenly remember something you want included in the ceremony, it’s no problem at all. I’ll gently remind you of the important milestones along the way.

We can meet again before your ceremony if that is reassuring - or even organise a rehearsal so we can play out the timings at your wedding. Often this helps with calming some of those nervy butterflies. Legal alert! This is also a great place for me to witness any outstanding documents.

The big day

The dress fits and the shoes are polished, it’s finally here! I’ll arrive at the location and setup super early to ensure everything is set to go as planned. I’ll get the celebrations underway and you’ll be on your way to getting married. Yew Hoo!

The registry

After the ceremony, I'll send all the paperwork to the BDM Registry.

You'll receive a Commemorative Marriage Certificate at your ceremony. Keep in mind, this certificate can't be used for anything official, like changing your name. You’ll need to apply for the official certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages - I can help with this. In NSW, it basically costs $58 for me to apply for this whilst I’m uploading the paperwork, this can all happen the same day of your marriage (if you choose), and the certificate will be posted to your home address within the 6 business days following - easy!

The bottom line

We’re in this together! I’m available for you throughout the entire journey - and here to answer questions and provide any support along the way.

Let’s have fun together!

Love, Victoria x