Style Your Celebrant

Your style is my style.

Your wedding ceremony is all about the two of you. Even though I will work hard to keep myself out of your important photos, I do not want to stand out on your special day and I especially do not want to clash with your thoughtfully planned out colour scheme. So, I’m offering for you to choose what I wear.

Here’s a selection of dresses, shoes, earrings, coats, hair up or hair down, for you to mix and match. I’ve also got lots of other scarves and jewellery, so if your look isn’t here - just ask. Have some fun with it!

Hotel Paradiso

I have a couple of favourite marrying people dresses, and this is one of them. People in the know, call this a Unicorn, a dress that was sold out everywhere but then found itself to me.

I will love this dress forever!

My friend found it at a local warehouse sale, there’s a fault on it, if you can find it, I’ll give you $50 off my fee.

We can work it with wedges, block heels, boots, fur coats, vests, you name it, I'll wear it!

It's by local designer Spell and the Gypsy Collective.


This one is the spitting image of the bridesmaid dress I wore at my cousin's wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

A stunning wedding complete with speed boats, champagne, and I’m not allowed to say whether George Clooney was there or not, we may have just borrowed his boat. But, I'll let you decide that one.

My hips have expanded slightly (ahem!) since that wedding, so the original one doesn’t fit me anymore, but luckily I found this gem on the Iconic website, it was half price too - woo!

City Lights

The detail in this dress is stunning, the pink flowers on the blue, whenever I where this I always get so many comments on it. This is another one that sold out a little too quickly for me, but it’s amazing what you can find on the internet.

This dress works with or without a belt for a more relaxed look, boots on those cooler days or chunky heels, and big earrings. I do like big earrings!

It’s also a great sun protector for those barefooted beach weddings too.


Who says you can't wear white to a wedding? This is one of my newest dresses bought especially for marrying people, after a good stylist friend of mine told me that many brides are opting for all white weddings.

I just love that.

Imagine how lovely the photos would be if everyone wore white?

This dress suits all wedding styles, and works with boots, and coats, across all seasons. Let's just hope the body doesn't change too much, it likes to hug me.


Another fave of mine.

I remember when I first bought this, my honey asked me if it came in any other colours, he said if it did I should buy them all.

It ties at the waist, and I love the swishy swish swish of the fabric as I walk.

Coral Crush

This was the dress I wore at my best friend's wedding, whom I was maid of honour.

We walked all over Bondi Junction searching for the perfect dress. When we found this, there were only two left - one in size 14, and the other in size 16. The size 14 worked for the other maid, as she was heavily pregnant at the time.

Luckily, I had a great tailor and she managed to bring the size 16 in quite easily - you’d never be able to tell.

Blushing Bride

I love a dress that ties at the waist. This one works with so many different styles, but my favourite is hair pulled back or in a top knot, with camel block heels and big earrings.

I bought this dress a while ago, and never wore it until I started celebrant-ing, how great is that!

Classic Black

This was a go-to dress of mine when I lived in Sydney. I bought this from Cue, and I doubt it will ever age - like most Cue pieces.

This one works with all types of heels and boots, jackets, scarves and earrings. I especially love it with my pink and black dogtooth coat on those chilly winter nights. Such an easy dress to wear.

The dog tooth jacket I’ve had for about 15 years, I scored it at one of those DFO stores. My Mum urged me to buy it which I did, obviously, for $30 - bargain!


Another one of those Unicorn buys, I absolutely love this material. I have the Lovebird mini in the same colour and the Lovebird maxi in Blue.

This print is stunning, and reminds me of all the birdlife up here in the Northern Rivers region. This one works best with my hair up in a high bun. 

Chocolate Orange

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved the colour orange. It reminds me of the chocolate Terry's Chocolate Orange, one of my Nana's favourite Christmas treats.

I especially love this one with my leopard print boots, gold earrings, and faux fur jacket for those chilly winter wedding dates. 


If you've ever spent a summer on the North Coast, you'll know the unforgettable sunset skies. This dress, reminds me of that sky. Spending a full day at the beach, all salty and sunburnt, this pattern is the summer sky at dusk.

An easy to wear dress, we can work it for a more formal affair, or for those intimate beach elopements.

Little Black Dress

What more can I say. This one works with everything, and can be worn in all seasons.

I bought this for a ball I went to a few years ago, but decided not to wear it at the last minute and opted for something more colourful. Which was lucky as I hadn’t read the invite properly, the theme was colour bomb. Not one person, even the guys wore black - phew!

You really can’t go wrong with a simple black dress, but I love love love this one paired my Nana’s vintage black and silver scarf.

Green Machine

I wore this dress at a friend's wedding about ten years ago.

As we were all leaving the venue, I fell and skidded down the stairs and gashed my shin right back to the bone. You can still see the scar on my right leg. It didn't stop me from enjoying a fabulous weekend though, even if I did have a slight limp the next day, and for a few weeks afterwards.

As long as you don’t want me to marry you while I’m walking down a flight of stairs, I promise this will not happen at your wedding!

The Stand In Dress

I had a dress malfunction about an hour before a really important meeting back when I worked in Sydney. Where I was first in line to present to over 200 people.

I quickly ran out and purchased this dress from Marcs. The best thing was I'd had my eye on it for weeks, and just that morning it had gone on sale - a gift from the fashion God.

I like this one with the red belt, but I also have a belt in the same print as the dress, that can morph a little more into the fabric.


The perfect celebrant-ing dress - it's from another local fashion house, Arnhem. 

I always feel so regal in it. Did you know Queen Victoria is credited as being the first woman to wear white on her wedding day? A tradition that is still strong over 160 years on, I love that!